ChemBioPower is a new venture in the advanced fuel and chemical industries with offices in New Jersey and Alberta. ChemBioPower has developed a “better way” to maximize fuel and power production from North America’s abundant natural gas reserves. Combining “off the shelf” technology and advanced system designs, ChemBioPower will deploy a network of modular polygeneration plants that will convert natural gas into a clean transportation fuel, dimethyl ether (DME) and electrical power. The ChemBioPower process is highly efficient and environmentally friendly with a low carbon footprint.

Several major heavy truck producers, including Volvo Trucks, are exploring the widespread deployment of DME engines. ChemBioPower is currently in active discussions with engine manufacturers about strategic alliances and partnering arrangements. The objective is for engine manufacturers and DME suppliers to work in lockstep to support the widespread adoption of DME engine technology. ChemBioPower’s goal is to become one of the dominant fuel suppliers for the growing fleet of DME trucks and select marine applications.